Works Process

01. Customer request

-We are doing good analysis in line with customer needs and needs.

02. Reconnaissance work on the field or project

-We start our exploration work by realizing our projects in a planned and programmed manner.

03. Consultation - Suggestions

Based on our experience and experience of our team of experts, we consider consultations and suggestions

04. Proposal preparation

-With the preparation of the proposal, we present the project to the approval of the client.

05. Proposal approval and agreement

-If the project is presented to the client's approval, we will put the agreement into effect.

06.Projecting and design

-We meet our project with quality and aesthetics and offer to our customers liking.

07. Project approval process

- The approval process starts after the opinions of the necessary authorities are received and integrated into the project.

08. Material and necessary equipment

- We provide quality, materials and equipments that are suitable for the market with customer satisfaction.

09. Manufacturing and installation in the field

-Her bir kendi alanında uzman ekibimiz saha da imalat ve montaj çalışmalarını en uygun maliyetle tamamlar.

10. The temporary acceptance stage of the facility

-We are commissioning the business report created at the request of the business owner.

11. Missing detection and appendices

- The defects are detected and passed to the test phase.

12. Final Acceptance

- Your project, which successfully passes the test phase, is considered to be final.

13. Testing and commissioning

14. Delivery

-Wesuccessfully offer the agreed project to our client.