About Us

Koçak Elektrik-Mühendislik's main activities are Projecting-Design, Transformer Installation, LV Panel Design-Assembly, Telephone-Data, Grounding, Automation etc.
There are habitats that do not have the energy source to meet the increased electricity need.Our company is committed to providing quality service to our neighborhood and our future with the awareness that our need for energy source is increasing day by day. At the same time, we recognize the importance of avoiding and saving energy costs, unreasonable and high energy costs.

However, the internal and external lighting systems of the enterprises are automatically controlled according to the usage intensity and the savings and control are provided. In addition, by providing satisfaction to the highest level in customer relations and providing consultancy services with the contributions of our experienced and experienced team, we provide support that will benefit our customers by producing innovative and difference plans. We aim to offer the best service to our customers without compromising our services and quality by adopting the belief that "it is the most important element of trust for a successful union".The trust we provide to our customers, working diligently and providing quality service has always been a vision for us.We are justifiably proud of the fact that the trust in the service we offer our customers is at the highest level.